Jazz fest Bansko 2023

For the 26th year, the biggest Jazz Festival in Bulgaria is taking place in the city of Bansko. Among the organizers are the Association for Festivals in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Bansko. It was held from August 5th to 12th

During the Jazz Week in Bansko, there was entertainment for young and old from morning to night.

Every morning mini-concerts of young jazz talents were held in the park. The program continued with entertainment for the children. During the day, there were also marked locations around the city where street jazz performers played music. From 19:00 in the community center, behind the main stage, meetings were held over a cup, where the jazz performers got to know the audience. A permanent exhibition was opened, a museum in the community center, which stores objects and old programs from previous Jazz festivals.

From 8 p.m., the big concerts in the city center also started, where we were present with a Moutai stand and engaged the visitors. At the same time, a Jazz-themed barbecue was held at the Plaza Hotel on the other side of town. And after the big concerts in the center, the festival visitors stopped by the Moutai stand and continued to the Ginger club for after jazz sessions.

On the big stage, where Moutai’s logo was displayed, there were also two big screens on which the advertising clip of the drink was playing. The concert program featured a Grammy winner, guests from 17 countries, and 24 concerts were held.