Moutai in Go guide magazine

Go guide magazine is №1 guide for the best restaurants and events in Bulgaria. It informs its fans about every important event and product that will be on the market.

The monthly circulation of the magazine is 440,000 and there are over 105,000 unique visitors to the site.

In the September edition of the Go guide, the most important centers, restaurants, and places recommended to be visited by residents of the capital and tourists were presented.

Among the pages is naturally the Mоutai Center. It is already a familiar location for meeting Chinese culture and studying Chinese tradition and philosophy.

In the October edition of the Go guide, several pages were especially devoted to the mystical cocktails of Mоutai. Readers used this publication as a guide to making cocktails at home.

In addition to amazing shots of the cocktails, the pages also had detailed recipes for the cocktails and how to prepare them.