Bar & Snack Fest 2022


Moutai Bulgaria took a part in Bar & Snack Fest 2022 – a different and interesting festival in the heart of the capital. It was held in front of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia on September 10 and 11. The center was teaming with people because of the Bulgarians who had returned from vacation and were preparing their children for school. Bacchus Bar & Snack Fest 2022 was visited by lovers of food, drinks, desserts, and all the pleasures of the taste buds.

Mоutai’s stand was the centerpiece of the festival and welcomed guests with irresistible cocktails. Mоutai Flying Fairy, Moutai Prince, Moutai Yingbin were the stars in this presentation.

The Saturday on which the event was held coincided with the Moon Festival, and throughout the day we gave visitors moon cakes and congratulated for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Everyone was fascinated by the interesting flavors of Mоutai and some of the visitors tasted the drink in combination with the foods that were offered.

Mоutai’s products were presented in an exquisite way with a light box grabbing the attention of passers-by. This includes Mоutai Flying Fairy, Moutai Prince and Moutai Yingbin.