Book presentation – „China through the eyes of the Bulgarians“


On September 29, the presentation of the book „China through the eyes of the Bulgarians“ took place at the Chinese Cultural Center in the capital. More than 100 selected guests, including journalists from various television stations, including the Bulgarian National Television, covered the event. The Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria, representatives of the Chinese Cultural Center and the Confucius Institute, the Vice President of Bulgaria, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, and many other representatives of Chinese and Bulgarian culture in various aspects attended the presentation.

After the ceremony, three questions were asked and prizes were awarded to three people who answered correctly. One of the questions was: „What is the name of the Chinese drink that is taking the world?„ Namely Moutai. Traditional Chinese music was also performed and the Chinese ambassador was honored by all participants. The relationship between China and Bulgaria has been strengthened.

The presentation continued in a larger hall, where all present had the opportunity to taste the specially prepared Mоutai cocktails for the occasion. At the entire event, Moutai was the exclusive alcoholic beverage offered to guests.

The author of the book – Sonia Alexieva is a long-time PR expert with numerous published books and textbooks, including „China through the eyes of Bulgarian friends“. She introduced all twenty participants in the book, paying special attention to Moutai and Vlad Gitsoaika – manager of the company distributor in Bulgaria.